Consists of perimeter sprays on a monthly or quarterly basis. Inside service included.The products used and areas treated depend on the targeted pest. Frankie's uses only the best products on the market because we like to see what works. Using what works is the only way to ensure customer satisfaction. Rodent trapping and carcass removal is included, however, entry point repairs and outdoor control are not. One time service is available for general pest control with a 30-day guarantee.


Outdoor rodent control includes bait boxes and bait box maintenance. Maintenance includes carcass removal, and bait refill. According to California Law, boxes must be checked on a monthly basis. Exclusion work: consists of minor home repairs to keep rats and mice out of your home. We repair small holes, patch up and replace crawl space and attic vents. Materials consist of wire and foam mesh. By no means are we contractors, please keep in mind our are of expertise is in killing pests.


Includes eradication only. We do not remove nests or wax from within walls of structures. We treat structures only. Infestation must be rachable from ground level. We do not walk on roof tops or treat up trees. Wasp control is covered under general pests, they are simply much easier to control. Bee jobs come with a 30-day guarantee.


We start by flushing with aerosol and steam. We steam clean mattresses, carpets, and drapes. Lastly we chemically treat with dusts and residual liquid pesticides. Bed bug jobs come with a 30-day guarantee. Guarantee is extended with addition of bed bug covers.